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on Blinnker
T-mobile Chytré auto

T-mobile SyncUP DRIVE.
in Blinnker.

Connect Blinnker to your T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE and track all statistics, car events and trips on the web.

Connect the T-Mobile SyncUP DRIVE with Blinnker

Car expenses.
Fuel consumption.
Service bills.

Watch free of charge for your car. Whether you're tanking, changing brake pads, going to a dishwasher, or paying for a year-round tour, you're all available on Blinnker. And we will draw your charts, clearly showing the development of car costs by type and time.

New Mondeo for €200.
Used Mercedes.
Hyundai at a discount.

Are you buying car, new or used one, or want to lease it? We have everything under one roof. Take a look at our offers and decide if you want to rent your new Ford or buy the Hyundai from the dealer with a 30% discount.

Let me see cars for sale

An abandoned car,
opened window, it rains.
Sending his driver a message!

  • Download the Blinnker app for your phone
  • Add the your vehicle and the license plate info
  • Other drivers can send you a message. And you to them. Anonymously.

Cow on the road,
long traffic jam,
right blinnker, take a detour.

Do you enjoy Waze? At Blinnker, we also have traffic information, so you know exactly where to go. You can also buy or rent a car, insure it, engage with other users, and send a message to drivers on the road.