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Selling a car

Selling your car? We know who might buy it. We'll connect you to users in your area who are interested in buying your car.

Buying a car

Want to buy a car? We'll connect you to users selling the car you desire.


Don't know which oil is best for your Skoda Octavia? Not sure which headlamp lightbulbs are the brightest? Ask in our forums.

Messages via license plate

Does the car next to you in the parking lot have its lights on or its window down? Do you fancy the girl parking next to you? Simply contact them. Write a message to their license plate number.

Traffic information

Contribute to making the roads a comfortable place and receive gifts. Fresh traffic information around you based on your location. Even on your watch, for example.

The perfect car insurance plan for you

Save time and money on car insurance. Before the end of your current plan we'll send you the most convenient plan for you in just a few clicks. If something isn't clear to you, call us for free, we'll be happy to help you.

Coming Soon: Online on all devices

We work hard on providing the best user experience.
Mobile apps for all three platforms with support for wearable tech.

Coming Soon: Online on all devices

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